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Zooby – Sleep Night Baby Bed

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  • Promotes safe sleeping postions
  • Prevent dangerous acid refluxes
  • Reduces the chances of sudden infant death syndrome

Prevent sudden infant death syndrome

Improper sleeping positions can cause unexplained deaths without a trace of any early warning signs . Having a proper sleeping position will greatly reduces sudden infant death syndrome.

Protects your babies head when sleeping

Children are at risk of developmental, neurological, or psychological difficulties when their head shape is alternated by poor supported beds causing flat head syndrome. Our bed is designed to give your baby the most upfront comfort so that, your baby will grow up to be healthy and strong

  • saves money on unnecessary endless procedures and medical appointments

Eliminates the sleepless nights

Discomfort, separation anxiety and overstimulation leads to endless burst of crying during bedtime; resulting in constant headaches that will affect you and your baby.

Our night bed eliminates all these common problems within minutes during bedtime so that, you’ll finally get the sleep you deserve.

  • eases dangerous acid reflux; avoiding babies choking

Heres what they had to say…

  • 96%: Noticed that their bedtime schedule dramatically became easier
  • 98%: Reported that their hair their babies were much more energetic and happy
  • 92%: Said that they’ll recommend this to their friends and family

*Information collected via customer service surveys*


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