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TinyTracker – Mini Tracker

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Introducing TinyTracker, the revolutionary tracking device designed to keep your belongings safe and secure. With its compact size and affordable price, TinyTracker is the ultimate solution for anyone who wants peace of mind. Whether it’s your keys, wallet, or even your beloved pet, this cutting-edge device utilizes advanced technology to provide real-time location updates straight to your smartphone. With a sleek and discreet design, TinyTracker can be easily attached to any item, ensuring you never lose track of what matters most. Say goodbye to the stress of losing valuables and embrace the convenience of TinyTracker, your ultimate tracking companion.

Built in Alarm

TinyTracker introduces a game-changing feature to help you locate your misplaced items swiftly. With a single tap in the app, activate the built-in alarm function, and let the search begin. Attach TinyTracker to your keys, wallet, or any valuable possessions prone to being misplaced, and when needed, trigger the alarm from your smartphone. Listen for the distinctive ring that guides you directly to your lost item, saving you precious time and eliminating frustration. No more rummaging through cushions or retracing your steps endlessly. TinyTracker’s alarm feature ensures a seamless and stress-free experience in finding your belongings whenever they go astray. Discover convenience redefined with TinyTracker.

Easy Tracking

With the TinyTracker, tracking your valuables has never been easier. The accompanying mobile app allows you to monitor the location of your items in real-time, giving you peace of mind and control at your fingertips. Simply attach the compact TinyTracker device to your belongings, such as keys, bags, or even your pet’s collar, and access the app to view their precise whereabouts on a map. Whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go, you can track multiple items simultaneously, ensuring you never lose sight of what matters most. Stay connected and in control with TinyTracker’s advanced tracking features, bringing a new level of convenience to your life.

Seamless Integration

TinyTracker is the versatile tracking companion that seamlessly integrates with any Bluetooth-enabled device, be it an iPhone or an Android smartphone. With its universal compatibility, TinyTracker ensures that you can easily connect and control the tracking features right from your mobile device. Simply pair TinyTracker with your smartphone, and gain access to its full range of functionalities through the dedicated app. Whether you want to track your keys, wallet, or any other valuable possessions, TinyTracker leverages the power of Bluetooth technology to provide you with real-time location updates, proximity alerts, and more. Enjoy a seamless tracking experience with TinyTracker across various devices, and keep your belongings within your reach at all times.


Customer reviews

Based on 37 reviews
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  1. R***a

    Connected to the phone through the attachment earned, arrived with a battery

    TinyTracker - Mini Tracker
  2. В***h

    Super service, fast delivery, I can only recommend

    TinyTracker - Mini Tracker
  3. J***e


    TinyTracker - Mini Tracker
  4. S***a

    Exact 100% description

    TinyTracker - Mini Tracker
  5. R***e

    Good product will try it

    TinyTracker - Mini Tracker
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