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The Spooky Mat

(79 customer reviews)

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Magic Blood Splats Appear!

When water hits The Spooky Mat it instantly transforms into blood splatters right before your eyes

Perfect For Halloween

While you can use The Spooky Mat all year round, its grueling nature makes it perfect for the halloween season

Unlimited Uses!

Once the The Spooky Mat dries, the blood splats disappear and it returns to its original white state to be used over and over again


Customer reviews

Based on 79 reviews
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  1. V***t

    Works amazing. I put it on the floor and didn’t tell my daughter – she took her shower, stepped out onto the mat and immediately was concerned she cut her foot somehow. Verifying she was okay, she sprinkled water drops on it and the splatter they made was amazing. A big hit. My wife came into the shower the next day after I had taken mine and, even though she knew about the gag, she had to cover it up because she found it too disturbing. So from the horror standpoint – a great hit.
    Dries fairly quickly back to white and it’s going a few cycles of bloody and back to white.
    I’m pretty happy with the purchase.

  2. M***s

    This product is everything I hoped for. I no longer dry my hands on a towel I fling my hands at the floor to make blood spatter patterns. Stepping out of the shower looks like a murder scene(in a good way). The price for the product is great and I received it very quickly. I could not be more pleased with the product and delivery. If you are considering getting this go for it you will not regret it.

  3. N***n

    My Aunt is a Zombie fanatic, I got this for her, for Christmas. When she opened it, she has no clue what it was. When I explained, she squealed lol. She ran immediately into the, bathroom and made bloody footprints and drips. It worked perfectly and came out awesome! Ill get her another one along with the shower curtain next year. Great product!

  4. A***o

    Don’t tell anyone that it turns red and record the aftermath. go pee first… or you might wet your pants laughing when they get out of the shower, it’s wet and they think they are bleeding but cannot figure out where it’s coming from…

  5. C***i

    This has kept both me and my boyfriend and his family super entertained! It’s a very nice and cool mat! I’ve seen this before and I’m so happy to have one finally! 🙂

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