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The Crawly Crab


Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


The Ultimate Baby Hack to Tummy Time!

The CrawlyCrab will encourage your baby to crawl while making tummy time fun and easy! Children of all agessqueal with excitement while chasing The CrawlyCrab️.

The beloved kids toy helps stimulate cognitive ability, builds neck support, and exercises your little-ones hand-eye coordination!

Why Get The CrawlyCrab

No more fuss, only fun!

Tummy time and crawling are key to develop the Neck & Trunk muscles for stability. Every child loves the flexible movements of The CrawlyCrab️, they are quirky and fun to attract babies to crawl or chase. This helps develop their motor skills keeping babies focused and grabs their attention for a nice needed tummy time.

Don’t Let Your Child’s Cognitive Function Suffer!

We know your love for your little ones, so we want to ensure they get the best in anything and everything! Let The CrawlyCrab help your child with key development and make your life easier.

Rated #1 Tummy Time Toy.

Loved by 1000’s of Parents and Grandparents!

The CrawlyCrab️ has been tested and approved by parents and grandparents all over the world! The CrawlyCrab is BPA Free and made of baby-safe ABS material that is non-toxic & tasteless.

It has a smooth surface with no sharp edges making The CrawlyCrab️ the ideal toy for any parent or grandparent looking for safe and fun playtime for their baby.

  • CUTE WARNING: Get ready to laugh and have fun. This toy focuses your babies attention while keeping them entertained. Cheerful music and sparkly lights on The CrawlyCrab does wonders

Smart Sensors &Rechargeable

  • TheCrawlyCrab automatically avoids Obstacles. When you think you are about to catch the crab, it will actively move the other way and to make it even better, it’s rechargeable!

Grabs Attention Easily!

Safe built-in infrared sensors, which automatically sense objects and escape; your child will love it and have a blast while core development takes place!


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