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The Blood Splat Mat

Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


Looking for The Spookiest Bath Mat? Look No Further.

  • Built tough to handle splashes and spills, lasting for many eerie seasons.
  • It’s like magic – watch the color change right before your eyes!
  • Adds that perfect touch of spookiness to your bathroom.

The Bath Mat for Horror Enthusiasts.

Warning: Not made for the faint of heart. Users generally love blood, gore and thrill.

Magic Blood Splats Appear!

When water hits The Blood Splat Mat: it instantly transforms into blood splatters right before your eyes

Unlimited Uses!

Once the The Blood Splat Mat: dries, the blood splats disappear and it returns to its original white state to be used over and over again

How does the Blood Splat Mat sheet change color?

Touch it with wet hands

The magic blood red color is only activated by water. Take a shower or bath, and step on the Blood Splat Mat sheet with your damp feet or hands.

Blood red color instantly appears

The touch from your body after the shower will start to change the mat blood red under your feet, or wherever the water droplets touched.

Hang and watch the color fade away

The color will slowly fade away over the next 5 to 30 minutes depending on the original intensity. Hang to dry white again after use.


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