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Tech style magnetic frosted mobile phone case


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Enhance your mobile phone’s elegance with our Tech style magnetic frosted mobile phone case. Available in a range of sophisticated colors – Black, White, Purple, Grey, and Blue, this case exudes style and class. Compatible with various iPhone models including Iphone15, Iphone15 Pro, Iphone15 Pro Max, Iphone14, Iphone14 Pro, Iphone14 Pro Max, Iphone13, Iphone13 Pro Max, Iphone12, Iphone12 Pro, Iphone12 Pro Max, and Iphone13 Pro. Protect your phone with our sleek case without compromising on style.

Material: PC material

Color: Black/White/Blue/Purple/Grey

Style: Anti-fingerprint/Magnetic mobile phone case/Anti-fall/Frosted

Model: Iphone 15/Iphone 15 Pro/Iphone 15 Pro Max/Iphone 14/Iphone 14 Pro/Iphone 14 Pro Max/Iphone 13/Iphone 13 Pro/Iphone 13 Pro Max/Iphone 12/Iphone 12 Pro/Iphone 12 Pro Max


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