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Summer Sale 40% OFF – Mini Bow and Arrow Set


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Enjoy simulated archery at home!

Pulley Design: This mini bow uses high quality ball bearings at both ends, making it possible to save considerable effort when drawing the bow and increase the speed of the arrow when firing, making the mini bow more accurate in shooting.

Small & Exquisite: Don’t look at the mini bow and arrow’s small size, but it still adopts the compound bow design principle and retains the basic structure of the compound bow, enables accurate bullseye hits even at distances of 30 to 40 metres.

Portable: The mini compound bow can be carried around not only to fire the attached professional arrows, but even to take the materials in place, bamboo sticks, toothpicks, and even chopsticks, pencils, etc., so you can use the mini compound bow anywhere to enjoy archery fun.

Best Gadgets: This toothpick bow is the best gift for hunter friends and friends who love archery. And archery can exercise a person’s emotional, make it more smooth and quiet. And the toothpick bow is also the best equipment for archery beginners to exercise archery in their spare time.


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