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Sniffle – Interactive Treat Game

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  • This snuffle ball can exercise your dog’s sense of smell and reduce stress, and make your dog smarter!
  • This snuffle ball is made of fleece and TPR rubber. It is soft and light. The fleece material can be machine washed.
  • Loosen the end of the cloth strip to place snacks, then roll it up and put it into the hole. The challenge for your pet is to pull the cloth from the hole of the ball and untie the cloth to get their food.
  • This snuffle ball can help the dog who has not been exercising for a long time to release pressure and satisfy curiosity. Alleviate the separation anxiety of dogs, and do not demolish the house due to solitude.

If your dog loves nose-work activities or snuffle mats, this snuffle ball will be a great addition to their toy collection! Wrap treats inside the fabric pieces and stick it inside the ball for your dog to forage. This fun snuffle ball will keep your dog entertained and mentally stimulated!


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