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SlideThing Pizza and Cake Peel

Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


High-Quality Materials

This pizza peel is made from high-quality, natural and robust material and is characterised by its durability and resistance to cracking. It is free from colourants and odours and guarantees safety when in contact with food. No sticking, no running of the topping and no irregular shapes are guaranteed.

Distinctive Design

Discover the innovative function of this sliding pizza peeler – its sliding mechanism transforms the crucial moment of pizza peeling into an exciting game. With a simple movement, you can effortlessly lift your pizza and prevent it from sticking. Buy now for a unique culinary experience.

Effortless Maintenance and Storage

Simply rinse our pizza peel with water and wipe it with a cloth for easy cleaning. The handle has hanging holes on the underside for convenient hanging, efficient drying and space-saving storage.


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