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SlideSeries Shaving Kit Professional Edition


Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


Say Goodbye to Bumps, Cuts, and Irritation Forever!

Achieve a flawless, stubble-free shave in mere minutes with the SlideSeries Shaver, tailored especially for those with sensitive skin.

The SkullSafe blades follow any curved body part and provide a gentle and close shave, even for those with sensitive skin and coarse hair.


Experience the cutting-edge in shaving technology with our Advanced Anti-Bump feature!

Waterproof! Take it with you in the shower, sink, bath, or anywhere else you need. Plus, our rotary blades easily open up for hassle-free cleaning with the included micro cleansing brush.

What’s Included?

  • SlideSeries Shaver
  • Precision Clipper
  • Nose & Ear Trimmer
  • Scalp Scrubber
  • SkullSafe Blade
  • 3-5-7mm Safety Guards
  • Exfoliation Brush
  • USB Charging Cable


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