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SkidSentral RC Drift Car 2.0


Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


Inspired by Japanese car culture, and modeled after the notorious legends from the streets of Tokyo, SkidSentral brings Japan’s finest creations to your living room.

The SkidSentral RC Drift Car 2.0 takes all the good things from our popular original model and improves on them. Proportional throttle, a larger 1/16th scale, and an artificial smoke sprayer from the back, just to name a few.

Our remote-control drift car is perfect for beginners to the hobby, or thoseLooking for theperfect gift for the car obsessedperson in your life.

The powerful motor and simple controls allows anyone to tear up a mountain pass, or set record quarter miles in no time.

Whether you’re headed to the drag strip, or the windy mountain roads, the two sets of included wheels can accommodate your needs.


– 2.4GHZ Radio Transmission

– 1/16th Scale

– 12 MPH

– 30 Minutes Driving Time

– Functional LED Fog Lights

– LED Rear Mist Spray

Drift or Drag?

Two sets of tires allow for maximum performance when hitting those top speed drag races, or big angle drifting. The quick and easy tire change can be done with a screwdriver in a matter of seconds.

4WD Drivetrain

The strong motor putting its power down on all four wheels allows the car to slide around corners in easy and controllable drifts. This also allows for quick launches and up to 10 mph speeds in the drag race mode.

Drift In Tandem

The 2.4Ghz remote pairs automatically and instantaneously to the cars, giving you a snappy and responsive connection to your car. The remotes support up to 4 channels so you can drift in tandem with other cars.


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