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Ridge Hiking Shoes – Non Slip Outdoor Hiking Shoes


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Ridge Hiking Shoes - Non Slip Outdoor Hiking Shoes

  • Thin Soles

Experience a real barefoot feeling and natural connection thanks to the ultra-thin soles.

  • Wide Toe Box

The wide toe box provides your toes the space they need and allows them to relax in their natural position.

  • Natural Comfort

Natural comfort provides the support and foundation for an upright posture and prevents knee, hip, and back pain.

  • Flexible

The soft, flexible, and thin soles give your feet an unlimited range of motion and ensure a healthy walking experience.

The perfect outdoor shoes

With the Ridge hiking shoes you can enjoy your adventure without having foot pain. They are breathable outdoor shoes that provide maximum comfort and support during your outdoor activities. Ridge hiking shoes are the perfect hiking shoes you will ever wear.

Ridge Hiking Shoes - Non Slip Outdoor Hiking Shoes

Walk for miles without foot pain.

The outsole of the Ridge hiking shoe is made of rubber, which provides excellent grip and prevents accidents on wet or dry surfaces. The upper is made of breathable material to keep your feet dry and prevent blisters from high skin friction. They are lightweight and offer a comfortable walking experience.

Ridge Hiking Shoes - Non Slip Outdoor Hiking Shoes

Recommended by Orthopedists

Our Hike Footwear shoes are not only designed for outdoor adventures but also for optimal comfort and support for your feet. Specialists in orthopedics and podiatry recommend our shoes because of their ergonomic design features that help minimize foot strains during walks or daily use. Step with confidence knowing you’re in good hands – both for your adventures and for your foot health.

Ridge Hiking Shoes - Non Slip Outdoor Hiking Shoes

Optimal arch support

High quality orthopaedic insole with anatomical arch support realigns foot and body to relieve pain from foot and heel to knee, hip and back.

Soft foam padded lining eliminates pressure points and friction on the skin for optimal comfort and protection. Stretch material helps eliminate bunion and hammertoe pressure and provides a rel


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