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Feeling confident is always a challenge, especially when combined with the inevitability of aging and various other skin ailments. Struggling with unwanted facial lines and blemishes can impact personal perception, creating a consistent battle with self-esteem. Having to choose between flawless skin and costly facial treatments can be discouraging when signs of aging begin to impact confidence. Revivify – Anti-Aging Light Therapy is an investment worth making, leaving age to simply be a number that is no longer dictated by unwanted facial lines and blemishes. It effortlessly targets face and neck with 3 color LED photon therapy settings to purify, balance and rejuvenate skin. With Revivify , feeling confident through beautiful skin has never been more achievable.


  • EASY TO USE: Using Revivify can be done in 4 easy steps that can be paired with favorite creams and lotions. Skin will be able to absorb creams faster and more fully to smooth, and tighten while also increasing skin elasticity.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Safely use up to two times each day, with its constant magnetic heat of 113°F (45°C) combined with colored light technology. Revivify accelerates blood circulation promoting beautiful skin.

  • ANTI-AGING: Revivify , a massaging skin care tool for the face and neck, has 3 different LED light modes to promote youthful skin. The modes that it offers will provide the ability to purify, calm and revitalize skin.

  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The massage head of Revivify offers a convenient curve of 160 degrees. Enjoy a comfortable experience with Revivify that’s made to fit the face and neck perfectly.
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT: Offering a compact size of 3.5 x 4.7 inches, Revivify is small enough to be placed into a cosmetic bag. With the rechargeable design Revivify offers, it can be carried to use anytime and anywhere.

We understand the struggles of aging, and how time-consuming and costly it can be to combat unwanted wrinkles. Feeling uncomfortable in your own skin due to aging can unnecessarily affect your confidence. 59% of people claim their main struggle with combating aging is the extensive steps, time, and financial investment most products on the market require.

With the use of Revivify it will be easy to regain confidence with its ability to promote healthy and flawless looking skin. Revivify restores skin to a more youthful state, while simultaneously slowing down the signs of aging. Love having beautiful skin and the confidence it creates with the effortless process of Revivify from the comfort of home.


  • Light Modes: 3
  • Charging time: 2 hours
  • Product size: 3.5×1.85×4.72 inches


  • (1) x Revivify
  • (1) x Charging cable
  • (1) x Instruction Manual


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