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Puke Ball


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  • The Patented Puking Ball is a new twist on stress balls.
  • Suck and puke the slime out over and over again! It’s calming and helps with focus.
  • We kept the shape/size in mind so it can perfectly fit in your hands.
  • A unique gift for any friend; coworker, teacher, student, or boss.

Puke it Out

The Pukeball can be squeezed endlessly to keep your hands busy and your mind relaxed. We designed it with the size of your hands in mind. When things aren’t going well at work, it’s a fantastic toy for relieving stress. It’s also incredibly enjoyable to squeeze the egg yolk, which might help you relax at work.


Slurp it In

Squeezing a ball and watching the sticky egg yolk drip out of its mouth is the most satisfying thing ever. The fact that it can be used multiple times without creating a mess is its best part. Once the slime has been released, place the puking yolk mouth over the slime, squeeze the ball, and the yolk will be sucked back inside.


laboratory tested

Pukeball meets or exceeds government safety criteria for flammability, prohibited phthalates, lead, and physical and mechanical hazards.


PLAY IT together

It will give you joy and entertainment whenever you feel stressed and tired from work. We also recommend playing it with your friends.

Non-Stick slime

The non-stick slime formula enables for simple cleaning on most surfaces and extended durability. The slime of the puking yolk is perfectly made to be non-sticky, so less time spent cleaning means more time spent having fun with it.


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