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This cute little explorer is a unique crystal-clear projector of the cosmos, giving any room the effects of the nebula and the stars.


  • The Ultimate Holiday Gift: Surprise your loved ones with a gift that’s truly out of this world! Whether they’re budding astronomers, dreamy stargazers, or simply in need of a magical escape, the Astronaut Nebula Projector is the perfect present to light up their holiday season.
  • Ignite everyone’s imagination: Watch in awe as the PLASMANAUT Nebula Projector transforms any room into a celestial wonderland. With its high-definition projections gaze at the stars, discover distant planets, and trace the intricate patterns of constellations right on their walls and ceiling.
  • Portable Size: Designed for convenience, this projector boasts a compact and portable size that’s perfect for any space enthusiast on the go. Whether it’s a cozy night at home or a camping adventure under the open sky, the Astronaut Nebula Projector is your ticket to an awe-inspiring cosmic journey.
  • Easy Power Input: With a hassle-free 5V power input, there’s no need to worry about constantly replacing batteries. Simply plug it in and enjoy hours of mesmerizing cosmic displays without interruption. It’s eco-friendly and convenient for users of all ages.
  • Create the perfect ambiance for relaxation or imaginative play: Whether it’s a cozy evening under the stars or a child’s bedtime adventure,it brings the wonders of the universe into your home, making it a thoughtful and unforgettable gift for this holiday season.

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  • Power Input: 5W
  • Product Size: 85mm*76mm*125mm
  • Light Bulbs: Included
  • Remote Control Batteries: Not included
  • Battery Type: Lithium Metal


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