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Ortho Stretch Cushion Shoes


Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


Proven to Increase Comfort and Alleviate Pain

Want to start feeling young again? Walk with the ultimate comfort and feel no pain.The best part about these sneakers is that women with either narrow or wide feet can enjoy precision fitting!

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What makes Comfort Wear different?

  • Instant Pain Relief –Pain relief fromPlantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy, Bunions, Arthritis, Ankle Pain, Flat Feet, Morton’s Neuroma, Heels Spurs, Hammer Toes, and Swelling.
  • Wide Toe-Box –This will alleviate pressure on bunions, hammertoes, and swelling.
  • Premium Orthotic Insole –Anatomicalarch support tore-align the foot and entire body posture.
  • Stretchable Knit Fabric –Easily contour your feet to make them the perfect fit.The synthetic knit material gives it its lightweight and breathable feature.
  • Slip Resistant Outsole –Slip-resistant traction outsole with water resistance. Perfect for workplaces with slippery floors: hospitals, janitorial work, and restaurants.

Ortho-Wear Premium Tech System: Our ergonomic cushioning sole reduces any impact that occurs after taking a step. Improves the ease of walking.

Every step is comfortable and smooth.


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