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Oraliz Anti-Cavity Gum Health Toothpaste (Dentist Recommended)

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Oraliz Toothpaste Earns Praise from Happy Customers!

– Grace, 38, CA, USA

“Wow, Oraliz toothpaste is amazing! It wiped away my tea stains and made my teeth brighter and smoother in just a month. Plus, no more tooth sensitivity! I can enjoy my tea without worrying about stains or pain!”

– David, 42, FL, USA

“This toothpaste is incredible! My weak teeth and cavities improved so much in just 3 months. Even my dentist was amazed! It repairs decayed teeth and protects against future cavities. As a mechanic dealing with harsh chemicals, it’s a lifesaver!”

Japan’s Oral Health Authority introduces Oraliz!

Oraliz anti-cavity gum health toothpaste is atop-of-the-line oral care product developed by the prestigious Japan Oral Health Authority, with over 30 years of experience in creating cutting-edge oral healthcare solutions.

Rigorous clinical trials involving 1,000 participants have shown that this toothpaste is not only safe but also incredibly effective, reducing cavities by 88%                and improving gum health by 97%.

What Makes Oraliz Toothpaste the Top Choice?

Oraliz anti-cavity toothpaste utilizes a combination of bioactive silica, oral probiotics adp-1, and zinc citrate to protect against cavities, promote gum health, and freshen breath.

  • Bioactive silica –helps to strengthen tooth enamel.
  • Oral probiotics adp-1 – support a healthy oral microbiome.
  • Zinc citrate helps to reduce plaque and neutralize bad breath.

Bioactive Silica

Bioactive Silica in Oraliz toothpaste is a superior ingredient. It has a lower abrasiveness index than many other toothpaste abrasives, which means it is less likely to cause enamel damage.

It also has antibacterial properties that help reduce plaque and cavities, making it an excellent choice for maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

Oral Probiotics ADP-1

Oral Probiotics ADP-1 is a beneficial ingredient in Oraliz anti-cavity toothpaste due to its ability to promote oral health.

This probiotic strain can help restore and maintain a healthy balance of oral microflora, which can aid in reducing the risk of cavities, gum disease, and bad breath.

Zinc Citrate

Zinc citrate works by binding to calcium ions in saliva, which helps to prevent the mineralization of plaque into tartar.

Zinc citrate also has anti-inflammatory properties and can help to reduce gum inflammation and bleeding.

Dental Caries Restoration Process with Oraliz Toothpaste

Image 1:This scanning electron microscope image shows cariogenic bacterial plaque attached to a tooth surface. After 15 days of use, the toothpaste effectively removes this bacterial plaque.

Image 2: This scanning electron microscope image shows a tooth structure affected by caries. Once bacterial plaque is removed, the toothpaste can promote the growth of enamel crystals at a rate of 3-7 microns per day, which can help fill the cavity. With continued use of the toothpaste, the crystals continue to grow.

Image 3:After using the toothpaste for 3-6 months, the enamel crystals can grow up to a thickness of 1-3 millimeters, gradually covering and reducing the cavity, which may help alleviate toothache.

Image 4: The toothpaste’s phosphorus calcium crystals can grow on the collagen fiber chain structure between the molecules of the caries-affected tooth, which can help repair the cavity.

Image 5:This scanning electron microscope image shows repaired enamel crystals in a tooth affected by caries after 8 months of using the toothpaste. The enamel crystals can grow up to a thickness of 1.5-3 millimeters, effectively repairing the cavity and reducing the likelihood of toothache and tooth decay.

Image 6:In this image, the cavity is filled with mineralized streaks of brown-colored crystals, indicating that the cavity has self-healed. The texture is smooth and hard upon probing, marking the end of the tooth decay process.

Scientifically Proven

A study published in the Journal of Dentistry in 2017 evaluated the effectiveness of Bioactive Silica-based toothpaste in remineralizing enamel and reducing the formation of caries lesions. The study found that Bioactive Silica-based toothpaste was effective in remineralizing enamel and reducing the formation of caries lesions in vitro.

A randomized controlled trial published in the Journal of Applied Microbiology in 2010 evaluated the effectiveness of an Oral Probiotic (containing Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium strains) in reducing the number of cariogenic bacteria in saliva. The study found that the Oral Probiotic significantly reducedthe levels of Streptococcus mutans, a bacterium commonly associated with tooth decay.

Recommended by the Dentist

“With 30+ years as a dentist, I’ve seen how bad oral hygiene affects overall health. I’m dedicated to finding effective solutions. So, I highly recommend Oraliz anti-cavity toothpaste for preventing tooth decay and gum disease.”

Dr. Marko Petrovic, DDS, Chief of Oral Health, DEF Hospital, Serbia

“Oraliz toothpaste is scientifically proven for oral health. Bioactive silica reduces plaque and strengthens teeth. Oral probiotics adp-1 restore mouth’s bacteria balance. Zinc citrate lowers cavity risk. Refreshing mint scent makes it pleasant. I recommend Oraliz anti-cavity gum health toothpaste to all my patients.”

Matt’s Success Story with Oraliz Toothpaste

“For years, my weak, discolored teeth bothered me. They even cracked while eating. Stains made me self-conscious. A friend suggested Oraliz anti-cavity toothpaste, so I gave it a shot. Toothpaste feltrefreshing, minty,and left teeth clean and smooth from the first use.”

“In just 2 weeks, Oraliz toothpaste made my teeth whiter, stronger, and less sensitive. I could even crack open a walnut easily. Now I feel confident to smile and speak anywhere. It’s like having a brand-new set of teeth!”

Customer Testimonials Prove Oraliz Toothpaste Works Wonders!

– Thurman, 34, Kansas, USA

“Since I started using Oraliz toothpaste two months ago, I’ve noticed fewer cavities and stronger teeth, making my dentist visits a breeze.”

– Fay, 26, Mississippi, USA

“Oraliz toothpaste has significantly reduced my tooth sensitivity – I can eat ice cream again!”

-Ned, 38, Oklahoma, USA

“After just a few weeks of using Oraliz toothpaste, I noticed a remarkable improvement with no more gum inflammation or bleeding, making it a game-changer for my oral health.”

– Oleta, 28, Maine, USA

“Using Oraliz toothpaste consistently has resulted in fewer cavities and healthier teeth, allowing me to enjoy my favorite treats without dental worries.”

Product Specification

  • Product Name: Oraliz Anti-Cavity Gum Health Toothpaste
  • Net Content: 60g
  • Shelf Life:3 years
  • Key Ingredients: Bioactive Silica, Oral Probiotics ADP-1, Zinc Citrate
  • Functions: Fights cavities, promotes gum health, strengthens teeth
  • Suitable for: Gum inflammation, bleeding gums, cavity-prone teeth


  • What are the key ingredients in Oraliz anti-cavity gum health toothpaste?

Oraliz toothpaste contains bioactive silica, oral probiotics adp-1, and zinc citrate. These ingredients work together to promote oral health by reducing dental plaque, restoring the natural balance of bacteria in the mouth, and reducing the risk of developing cavities.

  • How often should I use Oraliz anti-cavity toothpaste?

For optimal results, it is recommended to use Oraliz toothpaste at least twice a day, in the morning and before bed.

  • Can Oraliz anti-cavity toothpaste be used by children?

Yes, Oraliz toothpaste is safe for use by children under adult supervision. However, it is recommended to use a pea-sized amount of toothpaste for children to minimize the risk of swallowing too much.

  • Is Oraliz toothpaste suitable for people with sensitive teeth?

Yes, Oraliz toothpaste is gentle enough for people with sensitive teeth. The bioactive silica found in the toothpaste can help to reduce tooth sensitivity and improve tooth mineralization.

  • Can I still use mouthwash with Oraliz toothpaste?

Yes, you can still use mouthwash in addition to using Oraliz toothpaste. However, it is recommended to use a mouthwash that does not contain alcohol, as this can dry out the mouth and reduce the effectiveness of the oral probiotics in the toothpaste.

  • How long does it take to see results with Oraliz anti-cavity toothpaste?

Individual results may vary, but many people begin to see an improvement in their oral health within a few weeks of using Oraliz toothpaste regularly.

  • Is Oraliz anti-cavitytoothpaste tested on animals?

No, Oraliz toothpaste is not tested on animals.

  • Can Oraliz anti-cavity toothpaste replace regular visits to the dentist?

While regular brushing and flossing with Oraliz toothpaste can promote good oral health, it is still important to visit the dentist regularly for professional cleanings and checkups.


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