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LoveyNail – DIY Home Full Nail Kit

Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


Get your nails done in 15 minutes or less – all at home with This DIY manicure kit!

Applied in 1-2 minutes per nail and leaves behind natural looking 3-week lasting nails.

Our innovative formula combines the durability of acrylic nails and the elasticity application of gel nails while taking away all harsh and harmful chemicals.

Salon Look, Zero Hassle

Easy Peasy: Forget long hours at the salon. In just a few minutes at home, you can have nails that look professionally done and last for weeks. No fuss, just fabulous results.

Perfect for First-Timers & Pros Alike

3 Simple Main Steps with Full Nail Kit!

No Skills? No Problem! Whether you’re a newbie or a nail guru, our kit is a breeze to use. With everything you need right in the box, you’ll be showing off your masterpiece in no time.

Just a heads-up: Ensure you have a UV lamp to cure your gel nails – it’s the secret to a flawless manicure!

Diverse & Dynamic Color Range

Unleash Your Creativity: Step into a captivating realm of 10 distinct colors, meticulously curated for the modern individual. This palette ensures there’s a hue to complement every ensemble, mood, and season. Mix, match, and make it yours.

Nature-Focused Nail Care

A Healthier Approach to Beauty: We believe that beauty shouldn’t come at the expense of well-being. Our nail kit is conscientiously crafted, free from harsh or harmful chemicals. This means each application not only amplifies the beauty of your nails but also promotes their overall health and strength.

Glamorous Gatherings: Nail Artistry & Friendship

Beauty that Bonds: Transform your nail art session into a delightful communal experience. Invite friends over, share tips and techniques, experiment with designs, and bask in the shared joy of creativity. It’s not just about beautifying nails—it’s about strengthening connections and making memories.


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