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Hydro Hound


Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


Effortlessly bathe your dog in record time! Our pet hose system makes your grooming routine faster & easier while providing a gentle, deep clean.

Hydro Hound

Unleash a new era in pet bathing! Your shortcut to a faster, easier, cheaper and deeper clean

  • Less Time, Effort & Mess

Wash away stress and mess! Bathing your dog is super easy. No more long baths – just connect and give your pup a speedy, deep clean. It’s fast, easy, and does all the scrubbing work for you.

  • 8-In-1 Magic Modes

Spray like a pro with 8 dog-tailored modes: Shower, cone, jet, full, centre, angle, mist & flat. Muddy mess and stinky smell, be gone! Erases dirt, poop, dandruff and more, making your pups coat shine.

  • Save Money, Water & Shampoo

Don’t waste your money on groomers or DIY dog washes. Our lifetime kit lets you wash your pet whenever, with no extra cost. Plus use less shampoo and water – it’s a money saving, dog loving win!

  • Convenient & Universal Grooming

Fits any standard hose, anywhere – home, beach, yard, you name it! Perfect for all dogs, short or long haired, big or small, it’s the ultimate solution to tackle bath time.


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