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HD Mini Projector

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Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


Want To Watch Movies In The Best Theatre In The World Without Leaving Your Home

Attention movie lovers! Here’s how to turn your living room or bedroom into the ultimate home cinema experience and place of pure relaxation. Whether on your ceiling or wall, you can watch all of your favourite movies or tv shows while lying in bed snuggling with your loved ones.

Don’t Have A TV No Problem!

We want to assist you in resolving this problem because everyone deserves a large screen in their living area where they can watch whatever they choose. We recognise that sometimes you may not have enough room in your bedroom for a TV or that they are simply too expensive generally in today’s world.

Our HD Mini Projector is probably so small that you can hold it in 1 hand, which means it is easily transportable. Fit it in your small bag or backpack without getting weighed down and IT’S 5x lower price than an actual HD TV also it really is the EXACT SAME as having a smart TV in your home but it won’t take up all of your space and can be put away anywhere you want!

Be Anywhere In The World With No Limitations

With HD Mini Projector, You can teleport anywhere in the world and see the beauty of different places in your own living space. HD Mini Projector’s “Fake Window” feature is the most popular thing that people are excited about the most, Simply go on Youtube and choose any “Fake Window Videos” and enjoy a beautiful day in Dubai or a rainy day in London! Limitless Possibilities in your own imagination.

Level Up Your Streaming Experience To a Bigger Screen!

Now, people often watch entertainment on their smartphones or laptops, but the small screen can be a problem. HD Mini Projectors offer a solution.

HD Mini Projectors offer a larger viewing experience and come with built-in streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, and HBO Max. You can also download other streaming apps for endless content. They’re perfect for travel or backyard movie nights. Experience the full cinematic experience with an HD Mini Projector.

Multimedia Supports Almost Everything!

The HD Mini Projector not can only connect to your smartphone to make it the best smartphone projector in the world but it is the best projector on the market due to its compatibility with almost any and every device, ranging from iPads, consoles (PS/Xbox/Nintendo Switch), Any Laptops, PCs, Fire/Roku sticks, Bluetooth and WIFI and much more!


Make It Your Own Personal Theatre!

Create a Romantic, Cosy, Relaxation, Calming Atmosphere Instantly

Perfect First Date Idea

Watch Every Movie and TV Shows On The Ceiling or Wall

Make the Screen As Big or Small As You Want!

No More Need For Expensive TVs

Outdoors and Anywhere With Power Plug

Perfect For Movie Night With Friends & Family!

Teleport Anywhere In The World And See The Amazing Views

Perfect Gift For A Spouse, Friend, Family Or Yourself!



Android 7.1 With RK3128 CPU + WIFI + IR Remote – For Someone Who Just Wants To Stream Online With Built In Netflix, Youtube, HBOMAX And More, Right From The Projector! – Does Not Support HDMI And USB use, Strictly Built In WIFI Use.


Android 10.0 with Allwinner H700 CPU+HDMI Input Support Function + WIFI + Bluetooth + Bluetooth Remote – For Someone Who Wants To Stream Online With Built In Netflix, Youtube, HBOMAX And More, Right From The Projector And Also Uses USB Port & HDMI To Connect External Devices Such As Laptop, iPhone, iPad, Firesticks, Chromecast etc!

Everything else is the same! It’s truly what works best for you!


Bright and Vibrant Quality

Accurate colours and rich contrast with deep blacks and bright whites make everything really pop At 4000 lumens. Our HD Mini Projector is really the best of its kind on the market! You can always change the settings of brightness, contrast, colour and more within the settings.

Compact & Small

Weighing ONLY 9.6 oz. The perfect grab-and-go-on-demand projector!

Built-in Speaker

Our HD Mini Projector has its own built-in speaker! It also features a special port to use your own external speakers!

Projection Size

It can project up to 100+ INCHES (Incredible) and as small as 30 inches

Outdoor Use

HD Mini Projector can be powered from anywhere with a power plug! Just plug in and enjoy the movies. Perfect for business meetings and travels!

Connect Anything

It can be connected to almost anything that has HDMI, and Bluetooth and it comes with a Wifi Connection! Perfect for anyone!


– Brightness: 4000 Lumens
– Ansi Lumens: 150
– System: Android
– Power: 65W
– Projected Dimension: 30-100+ inches
– Projective Mode: Throwing
– Light Source: LED
– Projection Technology: LCD
– Screen Scale: 16:09
– Optical Resolution: 1280×720 LCD
– Zoom: x 1.35
– Use: Home
– Type: Mini
– Home Theater Projector: YES!
– Weight: 1.0KG
– Contrast Ratio: 1000:1-2000:1
– Keystone Correction: Manual Correction

Packing List

1* DC host

1* USB 2.0 host

1* HDMI Host

1* Audio Host


Customer reviews

Based on 36 reviews
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  1. J***j

    por menos de cien euros está muy bien, con luz apagada se ve bien, buena resolución, por ese precio es lo mejor que te puedes comprar, android va bien, tiene Play store para descargarte muchas aplicaciones, voy a comprar una pantalla de proyección para que se vea mejor, las fotos es en una pared normal pintada de verde claro.

    HD Mini Projector
    HD Mini Projector
    HD Mini Projector
    HD Mini Projector
    HD Mini Projector
  2. P***i

    everything works I am impressed with the quality and efficiency of this device many thanks everything is great

    HD Mini Projector
    HD Mini Projector
    HD Mini Projector
  3. V***n

    Excelente produto. Me surpreendeu pela qualidade e preço pago.

    HD Mini Projector
    HD Mini Projector
    HD Mini Projector
  4. M***a

    The projector is great! This is the best thing I could buy for this money it connects to the WiFi, so I don’t need pc to watch Netflix YouTube or to use browser ❤️ quality of picture is great, also the quality of the sound.

    HD Mini Projector
    HD Mini Projector
    HD Mini Projector
  5. G***r

    tercer compra , exelentes equipos , recomendados al 1000% me encanta !! ❤️

    HD Mini Projector
    HD Mini Projector
    HD Mini Projector
    HD Mini Projector
    HD Mini Projector
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