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GripXT – All In One Set 2.0

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Here comes your secret weapon for a stronger grip, treatment of injuries, prevention of injuries and an aesthetically built forearm. GripXT 2.0 trains the often neglected extensor muscles in your forearm and helps your nervous system strengthen the entire forearm musculature. Perfect for a short training session in between at any place. With regular training you will notice remarkable progressin no time.

We offer three type of resistance levels:

Beginner Level (Light)– Green (3 kg or 6.6 lbs)
Intermediate Level (Moderate) – Blue (4 kg or 8.8 lbs)
Advanced Level (Heavy) – Orange (5 kg or 11 lbs)


GripXT Grip Strengthener comprehensively train every muscle group from the elbow down, especially the forearm extensors – the muscles that open your fingers. Strengthening these muscles improves grip. But why is that? Normal gripping with dumbbells and barbells trains the muscles that close your hand, the flexors, and as these muscles become more and more out of balance with the extensors, your nervous system will shut down their development to prevent greater imbalance. Balancing these muscle groups will lead to better development of both muscles and your flexors can become stronger than ever.


Elbow injuries and forearm pain is a familiar thing among the people who participate in a repetitive activities that use only the flexor muscles of the forearm. Such activities are rock climbing, tennis, grappling sports, golf, weightlifting and many more. Many people participating in such activities most likely will experience Repetitive Strain Injury at some point. Tendonitis and carpal tunnel are some of the MOST common injuries among these activities due to the strain caused by the repetitive movements under strenuous force!


GripXT Finger Strengthener are an easy solution for this problem that can prevent pain, stabilize your forearm muscles, improve strength and protect you from injury by simply strengthening and balancing your forearm muscles that you didn’t train before. The best treatment for forearm muscle problems is early prevention before they occur. Regular training with GripXT will help you stay healthy and injury free.


Training the extensor muscles brings a variety of benefits to your body and your grip performance. By balancing the muscle groups, you stimulate your nervous system to improve the development of the flexor and extensor muscles. The result is better grip strength, pain management, injury prevention and a more aesthetic appearance of your forearms

We offer three type of resistance levels:

Beginner Level (Light)– Green (3 kg or 6.6 lbs)
Intermediate Level (Moderate) – Blue (4 kg or 8.8 lbs)
Advanced Level (Heavy) – Orange (5 kg or 11 lbs)

Which one is right for you basically depends on the purpose of the application, your goals and your personal fitness level. Please see our FAQ section for more info. Since the extensors are a muscle group that is hardly used, it is advisable to start with level 1 and then progress to the other levels. You will make fast progress with regular training.

For best results we recommend a balanced training of extensor and flexor muscles.Check out our GripXT – Flexor Strengtheners or get the All In One GripXT Set for a complete training and the best price with 30% Off


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