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Flosoria – PleasurePillow

(36 customer reviews)

Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


Your Playmate for Unforgettable Adventures!

Experience unmatched support and pleasure with this specially designed high-resilience foam-based love pillow. Whether you need a comfortable work buddy or a playful partner in the bedroom, FunTime Pillow hits all the right spots for you!

Explore Endless Possibilities

Ditch those ordinary pillows and upgrade to FunTime Pillow – the ultimate support system for your wildest (s)escapades 😉 Its hand-washable emerald green cover adds a touch of luxury, ensuring you stay clean and classy during your intimate moments.


  • High-Resilience Foam: FunTime Pillow maintains its firm and supportive shape, catering to a variety of activities without losing its form.
  • Versatile Design: From supporting your neck and resting your feet to helping you find the perfect angles during intimate moments, FunTime Pillow is handy AF in your daily routine and bedroom adventures.
  • Discreet and Calming Appeal: Its discreet looks blend seamlessly into your lifestyle, and only you and your partner(s) will know the fun you’re having together.
  • Removable Outer Cover: The gorgeous emerald green cover can be easily removed and hand washed with cold water, ensuring cleanliness and longevity.
  • Lightweight and Portable: FunTime Pillow is super lightweight, allowing you to move and experiment with ease, channeling the risqué side of you!


Customer reviews

Based on 36 reviews
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  1. R***a

    Imagine getting shot in the back with a pistol. That’s how I spent the last 2 months until I got this baby! It’s super easy to use, just the right firmness. I genuinely felt better after the first day. Magnificent. I’ll always have this in my closet ready to go!

    Flosoria - PleasurePillow
  2. В***h

    Best time of our life with this pillow

  3. J***e

    My husband love it

  4. S***a

    My Girl and I had talked about this product a few years ago but never got around to getting it. What a mistake. Usage…..OMFG her back didn’t hurt my knees didn’t hurt the support was amazing the elevation was just right. Did I mention I wished we had bought this years ago? Would i recommend? 1000% yes can I give it 7 stars? I wish I could as it is worth at least that if not more. Excellent product, cant rate it high enough. If you don’t own one and are wondering if it is worth it then YES IT IS and why havent you already added it to your cart.

  5. R***e

    I LOVE IT!! Kicks things up a notch for intimate time which makes it more pleasurable & you can use as back support for an everyday use. It’s great, definitely recommend!

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