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FlexBroom Multifunctional Smart Broom

Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


Easily Clean Food, Spills, & More In Half The Time

FlexBroom’s unique silicone-blade technology uses static electricity to easily attract hair and fine dust. Unlike a normal broom that tends to leave particles behind, FlexBroomâ„¢ captures everything with a single swipe.

Sweep Those Hard To Reach Areas

FlexBroom’s flexible head makes it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas. Clean corners, under objects, inside of crevices, and more, easily.

Cleans Both Liquids & Solids

FlexBroom cleans both liquids and solids just as well as a mop or broom. Use it on coffee, sauce, cereal, water, juice, or any other spill.


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