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Fidget Deagle – focus device

Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


Are these toy safe?

Absolutely, our fidget toys prioritize safety. Crafted from non-toxic materials, they pose no harm. Always supervise children during use.

Multiple Focus Benefits!

  • ADHD

The perfect addition to the 2010 method. a fun filled way to regain control and stay focused

  • Anxiety

Whenever life gets overwhelming, take a step back, breathe, take a break. You deserve it.

  • Focus

Fidgetshot pairs as the perfect study tool! relax your mind without losing focus

  • Stress

Extended screen use can increase stress. you need a screen free way of easing your mind

Ejectable Shells

The Titan Stress Shot comes with 9 ejectable shells. Simply remove the magazine, load the shells and fire away to watch them fly!

Interactive Mechanics

Crafted with a slide release and safety, the Titan Skorpion Shot has the most satisfying mechanisms that create hours of fun.

Rapid Fire

Spring technology grants this blaster an auto rebound function allowing it to fire as fast as you can pull the trigger!

Fidget Friendly

Crafted with a slide release and safety, our blaster has more than enough features to keep you occupied!

Customizable Attachments

The Tactical Skorpion Strike Shot comes with flashlight, laser and scope attachments, all which power on (batteries included), as well as a suppressor.


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