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Femvaults – Pelvic Floor Exerciser


Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


Struggling with a leaky bladder?

Femvaults is a non-invasive bladder leak solution which is designed to tackle the root cause of bladder leaks as well as reversing the negative effects of prolapse in as little as 3 weeks.

Regain your confidence with a stronger pelvic floor

  • Strengthens Your Pelvic Floor Muscles –A weak pelvic floor is the root cause of bladder leaks and prolapses. No more leaks when you apply pressure to your bladder.
  • Prevents Prolapse– Prevents the risk of a prolapse developing to stage 4 which may lead to invasive surgery!
  • Aid Prolapse – Even if you already have a prolapsed bladder, Femvaults can help to reverse the negative effects of it.
  • Avoid Fungal Infections from incontinence pads– These are temporary solutions which do not fix the root cause & can be very expensive long term.
  • Cures bladder leaks for good– By strengthening your pelvic floor muscles using resistance solves the root cause of those uncontrollable leaks.

Don’t wait until it’s too late!

Your pelvic floor muscles play an essential role in bladder control, core strength and intimate sensation.As you age, these muscles will only get weaker especially after giving birth causing problems such as bladder leaks, feeling of heaviness in your crotch area & prolapse.These problems will only continue to get worse if nothing is done about it.

incontinence pads and diapers are great short term solutions but they only mask the problem which means your condition will still gradually worsen over time behind the pads. Not to mention how expensive the costs of purchasing disposable pads can accumulate up to over time.

When you go out, you may be constantly wondering where the nearest toilet is or you may be self aware about people smelling your pee filled incontinence nappies. We know how frustrating it can be living with a weak bladder.

Restricting yourself from laughing, coughing or sneezing because you want to avoid applying pressure to your bladder causing leaks is not the way to live your life.

So what are you waiting for ? There is still hope and time to achieve a leak free life and regain your confidence back.

Real Results, Real People

Stop letting bladder leaks dictate your life, take action & join our leak free customers today! (More reviews at the bottom of the page)

“I saw this and thought this could actually work!! Guess what??? Within a week it has!!!” – Jackelene B

“Really pleased with mine I noticed a difference with in the first week, highly recommend it” – Beverly

“What ever it works, it’s working for me. My new replacement hip is also getting stronger. I am happy with it. I have had 5 kids, ride a horse and i’m 72 next birthday. I have not had an accident in several weeks!” – Maria

Breakthrough Discovery

Other incontinence products on the market are very expensive, invasive or they simply do not work. You’ve probably tried to do kegel exercises and found no success.

Did you know that 50% of woman who do kegels do them incorrectly?This is largely due to the fact that they cannot effectively contract their pelvic floor muscles on their own or they need more resistance to be applied to their pelvic floor to allow enough muscle stimulus for the muscle to grow.

Your pelvic floor is a muscle which needs resistance to grow just like any other muscle in your body.



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