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Effortless Furniture Mover Kit

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Transform & Revitalize Your Living Space Effortlessly!

Struggling to rearrange your home because of heavy furniture? Embrace the ease and efficiency with our NEW Effortless Furniture Mover Kit!

Our Effortless Furniture Mover Kit is a game changing tool that has been specifically designed to enable you to lift and move heavy furniture effortlessly, perfect for rearranging the house or cleaning. It is an accessible and easy-to-use tool for anyone, regardless of strength or experience, allowing you to redesign and revitalize your space whenever inspiration strikes.

Trusted by 10,000+ Happy Australians

Join the thousands of homeowners, cleaners and home improvement enthusiasts, who have gained independence and transformed their homes. This essential tool has redefined what it means to move furniture, making the process simple and strain-free. Forget about the expense of professional movers or the risk of injuries – our Effortless Furniture Mover Kit gives you the power to reinvent your living space and make deep cleaning easier than ever before.


  • Rearrange Furniture Anytime
  • Suitable For Any Strength
  • Save Thousands on Removalists
  • Effortlessly Clean
  • No Back & Knee Pain
  • Works On Carpet

Say Goodbye To Strain & Risk!

Save your back and knees and don’t risk injury any longer!This tool ensures you can safely and effortlessly move your furniture, prioritizing your well-being while you stay safe. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing you no longer have to worry about injuring yourself or scratching the floors. By using our Effortless Furniture Mover Kit,experience the liberating relief of moving furniture without fear of injury.

Unleash Your Independence & Creativity

This innovative tool allows you to take control and gain independence. You will have the flexibility to redesign and rearrange your living or working space whenever inspiration strikes. Rediscover your space and experience the joy of transforming it for a fresh new look or simply adjusting to better suit your needs.

Slash Your Moving Expenses

By using our Effortless Furniture Mover Kit, you will save thousands on removalists or professional movers. Hiring professionals for furniture relocation is costly, especially for large or heavy items. However, with our tool, youcan easily and safely move your furniture on your own, eliminating the need for professional assistance. It is not just a tool for movement, but a smart investment that will save you money in the long run!

Take control of your space, safely and efficiently 

Our Effortless Furniture Mover Kit is designed with simplicity and safety as top priorities. It is designed for effortless use, requiring no special skills or heavy lifting, suitable for all ages! To operate, just use the lever to slightly lift your furniture, then place the rollers beneath it. When it comes to safety, the rollers feature a non-slip surface for secure placement of your furniture or appliances. Embrace a safer, easier way to maneuver heavy items with our Heavy Furniture Roller.


  • High Load Capacity– Designed to handle heavy furniture with ease.
  • Lever Design– Utilizes the principles of physics to lift heavy items effortlessly.
  • Durable Rollers– High-quality rollersfor smoothness on various floor types.
  • Compact & Portable –Easy to store, ready to use whenever you need.
  • Non-slip Design– Non-slip surface for enhanced safety and stability.
  • User-Friendly –No technical skills required, making it suitable for everyone.


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