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Dermesa Therapy Wand


Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


Enhance growth, reduce hair loss, and protect thinning areas using painless high-frequency currents.

  • stimulate scalp & increase blood flow
  • one investment, unlimited treatments
  • boost hair growth by up to 200%

Trusted and recommended by 100+ dermatologists and trichologists.

“I’ve been using this wand for three weeks, and I’m already seeing little baby hairs sprouting up on my edges. This device is amazing!”
Sarah T. | USA

What Makes It Special?

  • Removes dead skin cells to help natural oil balance in the scalp
  • Treats roots to allow products to enter the skin easier for hair to grow faster
  • 6 minutes a day, 3 days a week to see instant and cumulative results

One Device, 4 Settings, & Unlimited Uses

Struggling With Hair Loss, Thinning?

Dermesa Therapy Wand stimulates and massages your scalp to boost blood flow. This draws nutrients to your weaker roots and heals your scalp. Wand’s revitalization promotes growth, stops hair loss, and protects thinning areas.

Using Dermesa Therapy Wand for just 6 minutes a day progressively solves the root cause of hair loss by stimulating your scalp and revitalizing dormant follicles.

Prevent breakage & strenghten hair follicles

High frequency increases blood circulation and nutrient absorption in the scalp, allowing your favorite serums and products to penetrate deeper into your hair strands, thus making them stronger & resulting in less breakage starting from your very first session.

Single Investment = Unlimited Treatments

Like most professional hair treatments, clinics require regular sessions to maintain results.

For the price of ONE in-clinic session, you enjoy unlimited treatments forever.

Treat your hair in only 6 minutes, wherever and whenever you like!

Professional-quality results at a fraction of cost..


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