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Derma Dream MicroSculpt Device

Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


Microcurrent Facial Sculpting Device

Give your face that

Hollywood “sculpted” look… without Botox or surgery!

Bring The Spa Home!

It’s Facial Sculpting & Contouring Made Easy With your very own microcurrent facial sculpting device:

  • Lifts without injections
  • Adds dimension without heavy makeup
  • Highlights cheekbones
  • Contours jawline
  • Puffiness is reduced
  • Wrinkles are minimized
  • Enhances your best features

For facial lifting and toning effects you can see! Without Botox, fillers, or layers of heavy makeup.

It’s The Hollywood Secret:

Facial Sculpting Without Surgery Or Fillers

Microcurrent skincare treatments have taken Hollywood by storm…

Celebrities and influencers agree:

It’s the NATURAL way to achieve a sculpted, contoured look for anti-aging effects!

Without spending $1000s on surgery, Botox injections, or even fillers. And without wasting HOURS applying layers of heavy makeup to create “the illusion” of contouring.

  • Cheekbones Look Defined

  • Puffiness Is Reduced

  • Face Looks Slimmer

That lets you bring the spa home for 75% LESS

than you’d expect to pay for a single spa treatment!

It’s “No-Surgery” Facial

Sculpting & Contouring For: MicroLift works by using SAFE, low-level electrical currents (you won’t even feel it) to gently contract your facial muscles, just like a gym workout!

Training and toning your facial muscles…

… while decreasing puffiness and inflammation by draining facial lymph nodes.

  • Toxins are removed
  • Nutrients are delivered
  • For a glowing, vibrant look!

With noticeable facial contouring that improves

over time, the more you use it! (Just like any exercise program, best results are seen with regular use!)

The Science Behind The Magic:

How It Helps Smooth, Tighten, & Contour

Microcurrent technology has evolved over the last 35 years based on its known benefits for skin, muscle, and wound healing! Including:

INCREASES blood circulationnull âžž For reduced inflammation & puffiness

INCREASES natural collagen âžž Increasing skin hydration & fullness INCREASES elastin production âžž For better skin tone & shape INCREASES blood circulation âžž For reduced inflammation & puffiness

Gentle, Painless, And Easy To Use!

Wondering what MicroSculpt feels like?

Microcurrent is 100% natural, mimicking your

body’s own electrical current! So even on its highest setting, it feels like nothing more than a gentle muscle contraction. A light squeeze, where you’re applying the device. It’s easy to use! Just follow the instructions provided: STEP 1: Prepare your skin through cleansing STEP 2: Apply the Gel Activator STEP 3: Turn on the device STEP 4: Choose your level of intensity STEP 5: Apply to recommended facial areas

  • ONE-TIME INVESTMENT Premium quality facial toning device made to last for years IMPRESSIVE BATTERY LIFE Enjoy up to 35 uses per single USB charge TIME SAVER Takes just 5 minutes per session, from the comfort of home ONE-TIME INVESTMENT Premium quality facial toning device made to last for years SLEEK DESIGN Ergonomically shaped for facial curves EASY TO CLEAN Water-resistant design makes it easy to clean


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