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Cheat-Tok Controller

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Long-lasting battery life

Comes with a 200mAh charging compartment. Small body, large capacity, long battery life. Charge for two hours and work continuously for about 48 hours. The charging compartment and the bracket are integrated, and the mobile phone bracket function is added, which can place the mobile phone.

Touchless Movement

Like/browse short videos, double-click remotely controllable, like at will, and lock the screen with one click at any time. Support various video apps to fast forward and rewind, and switch songs.

Endless Possibilities

Remote viewing of videos/chasing dramas, Selfie/recording without trouble. Ring control artifact, say goodbye to the trouble of arm soreness, suitable for full body photo / multi-person co-production, 10 meters remote control, one-click.

Smart Wearable Design

The ergonomic ring design allows you to wear comfortably and is the perfect gift for her or his birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc. Compatible with mainstream APPs on the market (short videos, cameras, novels, etc.), portable and lightweight, it is the best partner for lazy people.

Easy Compatibility

Compatible with iOS/Android, if you want to use it on for iOS devices, such as for iPhone and iPad, please open “Settings” – “Accessibility” – “Touch”, turn on the assistive touch function, you can use it.


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