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BrushX Waver Curling Iron

Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


| Waver Curling Iron creates the perfect curls itself, so you don’t need to be skilled to feel beautiful.

The New Waver Curling Iron is the perfect tool for creating natural-looking mermaid, beachy or boho waves in seconds. Yes!

We have designed this styling tool for those who have curl issues, and no longer want to spend time and effort for little result


Ceramic Ionic Barre

Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic rotating barrel protects and adds shine to create the perfect wave, with less frizz and damage with just a touch of a button.

Simplified Rotation Button

The Waver rotates in both directions to make the left and right side of your hair look amazing!
Your hands are never near the hot iron so there is no need for a heat resistant glove.

Precision Temperature Control for Every Hair Type

Our adjustable temperature settings ensure optimal heat for every hair type, preserving hair health while achieving salon-perfect results:

150-170°C – Ideal for damaged hair. This gentle range nurtures and styles without causing further harm.
180-190°C – Perfect for fine and soft hair. Achieve flawless waves without overheating delicate strands.
200-210°C – Tailored for medium hair. This balanced setting offers effective curling while maintaining hair integrity.
220-230°C – Crafted for coarse and hard hair. Get long-lasting curls even for the most resilient hair types.
You will be recognized as having daily shiny beachy waves that looks like you spent a ton of time/energy on it.

Heats Up in 60 Second

Fast heat up for instant curling, with 250 degrees Fahrenheit minimum, up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit maximum heat.


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