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BrushX Hair Straightener & Volumizer

Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


The first thing people notice about you is your hair!

Don’t let your hair, laziness, time and bad practices affect your self-confidence and make you uncomfortable.

Get a?BLOWOUT LOOK in a second every morning, without having to wash your hair.

| The BrushX Hair Straightener & Volumizer All-in-One!

Some days, you just don’t have time to get up, shower and wash your hair. So, we created the BrushX Hair Straightener & Volumizer for you.

Get Smooth, Shiny & Voluminous Hair in no Time without Repeating Any Strands.

There are?5 temperature levels for different hair types, making it easy to use without damaging your hair.

Imagine if you didn’t have to spend a lot of time, damage your hair and got a perfect hairstyle every morning

We are always looking for volume, eliminating frizz and creating shine without damaging your hair.

How it works

No more repeats! It’s not magic, but it could be! This brush has heat settings (266 – 410) and 25 mini ceramic plates between its bristles.
When you run a strand through the BrushX, it automatically divides your strands into 25 smaller pieces. This way, each of your strands is individually straightened.
The results of this process Individual attention to each strand, ensuring fewer passes to leave your hair perfect for days – with less damage!

BrushX takes care of hair by releasing negative ions. And more, it doesn?t damage hair like flat irons, which crush hair under intense heat in one place, which is so damaging.

Key technologies

Straightens up to 2x faster.
It has bristles that straighten more hair at a time, with up to 2x less strokes. Surprise yourself with the speed of the process (and the results!).
Reduces damage by 50%.
It automatically splits and preps your locks, allowing you to expose your hair to less heat and fewer passes! Not to mention the negative ions that preserve and improve the quality of your hair.
Anti-scalding heat protection.
Allows you to reach more roots of your hair without tearing.
Straighten close to the root without burning yourself and get volume! Its heat protection shields your scalp from heat and prevents burning.

Minimal damage, maximum power. Do you keep damaging your hair by ironing or brushing

With BrushX Hair Straightener & Volumizer, you can achieve beautiful, voluminous, healthy hair without repeating any strands..


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