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BMO Stand


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Store and charge your Nintendo Switch with cartoon-favorite BMO stand! Designed to store your switch in a stylish home while displaying your gameplay onto your TV screen if you order BMO 2.0

Cute, Organized Design

The moment we’ve all been waiting for. BMO 2.0 grants you the ability to effortlessly cast your Switch gameplay on your television, just like a standard Switch dock does. Not only does your Switch now have a charming and stylish home to rest upon, but it also grants you the freedom to conveniently charge your device while seamlessly displaying your gameplay onto the TV screen.

Charge Your Switch on BMO

Includes a hole in the back that’ll allow you to run a charger to power your Switch while it sits on our Original BMO Stand, or simply sit your Switch to charge and display gameplay to your TV if you order BMO 2.0.

Also Fits Switch OLED

Stream BMO’s face from YouTube by searching: GamerPro BMO

Dimensions: 22x18x5.5cm

All Versions Include:

Don’t Have a Nintendo Switch Yet? No Problem, Just Let It Sit Adorably Anywhere In Your Home


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