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Unlock Your Magical Powers with Blazewand!

We all recognize how awful lot you desired to be a wizard and have an extraordinary magic wand ever considering that you first watched HP. Well, with The Sunshine Wand, you can emerge as the wizard or witch you’ve got usually desired to be.

Be the core of attention

The Blazewand is the perfect way to add a little magic to any occasion. Whether you’re throwing a party, birthdays, Christmas, or Halloween-themed costume accessories, or just want to create a jaw-dropping magical experience for your friends and family, the Sunshine Wand is sure to impress. Packaged in an elegant gift box, the Blazewand makes the perfect present for anyone who loves a little bit of magic in their life.

One Click Ignition – Reload & Fire

Just tear and roll the flash paper, push it into the wand, and you’re all set. The tighter/bigger the paper, the further the flame ball will go


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