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SUMMARY: New, harmless device stops annoying dog barking, instantly. Are you the owner of a loud dog? You should train them to stop barking right now. It’s now easy and quick, with this excellent new revolutionary device.

Do you live near an annoying barking dog? Maybe it’s your dog who is barking and disobedient?

You’re at home, trying to relax and then it starts. Your neighbor’s dog is barking. Again

The constant barking is driving you mad. It wakes you up at all hours. The owners are doing nothing about it. You’ve considering calling the police or even moving house it’s gotten so bad…

Well, good news, there is a new simple solution to barking dogs!

BarXStop uses a harmless ultrasonic frequency. Only dogs can hear it. The sound works on all dogs. It grabs their attention, stops their barking or fighting and seems to calm them down.

Military dog handlers use it. Vets, Police officers and Delivery people too!

People Are Using It To Train Their Unruly Dogs:

As a training tool, it’s excellent. The harmless ultra-sonic noise stops any dog’s bad behavior, immediately!

They made it pocket-sized, lightweight and put a nice bright LED torch built-in. Its perfect for dog walks in the park on those dark mornings and nights in parks. It also has a button that uses a different frequency that dogs don’t like. You can use this function to keep unwanted, or aggressive dogs away from you, your dog or your property.

BarxStop has developed a strong and passionate fan base. See what some of them are saying:


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