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BabyGuard – Toddler Head Protection Backpack + Free Anti-Slip Knee Pads

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Instantly Protect Your Baby’s Head & Spine From Falls!

Did you know more than 76% of babies injure their fragile heads as they are just learning to walk?

Seeing your baby’s head getting hurt is such a terrifying experience for any parent.

A baby head injury is very scary and can happen very early on if there is no proper protection.

No more baby head bumps!

Babies and toddlers are always falling while they learn to crawl or walk.

Accidents are expected, but it’s stressful to think of the impact on their precious little head.

Getting hit on the back of the head can cause serious injury, but we have the cutest solution that gives parents around the world peace of mind.

It’s a must, especially if you have hard floors!

Perfect For Crawling, Standing & Walking

Don’t tirelessly hover over your child to prevent head injuries. The head protector will stay tightly secured to easily protect our child’s head when you can’t catch them.

By creating a safe barrier between them and the floor, there’s nothing to fear when they lose their balance.

Maximum Protection For Baby’s Head

Extra protection pad filled with a thick layer of high-quality, breathable PP cotton to protect your baby.

It’s like falling on a sofa, it makes falling so soft and elastic. It doesn’t hurt at all anymore.

Special o-shaped pillow socket protecting your baby’s head on exciting adventures.

Very effective in relieving the impact of a baby’s fall and drastically reducing baby injuries.

Comfort That Grows with Them

Adaptable and adjustable – growing with your baby for endless comfort.

It can grow with your baby from 4 to 36 months of age and is intended for long-term use.

Free Anti-Slip Knee Pads

Baby Knee Pads protect baby’s knees from bruises and scrapes when they are crawling or learning to walk.

The pad with silicone anti-slipper points makes your baby more stable while crawling.

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