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Women’s Aspen Barefoot Shoes


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Introducing Aspen Barefoot Shoes the perfect companion for your winter adventures. Designed with your comfort and foot health in mind, these shoes provide the warmth, comfort, and freedom to move naturally that you desire.

Size Chart:

Benefits include:

  1. Enhanced foot flexibility and toe spread: Experience improved balance and coordination with Aspen Barefoot Shoes. These shoes allow your feet to move as nature intended, leading to better performance during outdoor activities like hiking, running, and exploring nature.
  2. Better workout for your feet: By promoting natural foot movement, Aspen Barefoot Shoes provide a better workout for your legs. Strengthen your?foot and reduce the risk of foot and lower body injuries.
  3. Long-lasting performance in any environment: Crafted with a waterproof canvas upper and durable rubber soles, Aspen Barefoot Shoes deliver long-lasting performance in various terrains and weather conditions. Trust these shoes to withstand the toughest outdoor adventures.
  4. Comfortable and cozy warmth: The fleece lining inside Aspen Barefoot Shoes keeps your feet warm and toasty during the winter months. Enjoy your outdoor activities without worrying about cold feet.
  5. Natural Connection: With Aspen Barefoot Shoes, you’ll experience a natural connection to the ground beneath your feet. Feel more connected to the world around you, enhancing your overall enjoyment of running, hiking, dancing, and more.

Trying to transition to barefoot shoes. Get our removable orthopedic insoles for arch support and cushioning first.

Product Details:

  • Outsole Material: Puncture Resistant Firm Ground Outsole (60% Polymer, 30% Silica, 10% Vulcanized Chemical)
  • Insole Material: 100% Cotton
  • Upper Material: 70% Cotton 30% Rayon, Coated with waterproof lining.
  • Lining Material: 100% Polyester
  • Weight: 400g based on a single shoe Us10.5 | EU45 | UK9.5?
  • Cold Rating: -4 degrees F / -20 degrees C


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