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UV Gel Nail Wraps

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Product Description:

  • UV Gel nail wraps are made of gel nail ingredients, not ordinary plastic. They are safe and non-toxic nail wraps, eco-friendly. Brighter color, no fade after lighting.
  • Gel nail wraps are easy to apply. They’re self-adhesive and simple to put on your nails. Gel nail wraps for both professional use and home use at any time.
  • Semi-Cured Gel Nail Wraps create a fascinating feel of fun, beauty, adventure, and romance. Enjoy infinite possibilities, make your nails shimmer harmony and glow.

Gel Nail Sticker Pack comes with:

  • 1x 20 semicured (gel nail sticker strip)
  • 1x nail file
  • 1x wooden cuticle stick


  • Smallest – 8mm in width
  • Largest – 17mm in width
  • Length- 34mm

Key features:

• Easy to remove
• Simple application
• Super long lasting
• Non toxic & Eco friendly
• Cruelty-free & No animal testing

How to use:
1. Smooth your nails by using a nail file and remove the dead skin around the nails.
2. Clean nails with analcohol pad, wait for your nails to dry.
3. Choose the right size, peel off the clear protective film.
4. Place on your fingernail gently.
5. Use a wood stick to apply pressure around the edges.
6. Remove the excess by using a nail file.

* Please Note: Gel Nail Wraps need Cure for 60 Seconds for a strong manicure with an amazing glossy finish.


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