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Super Sticky – Resistant Clear Tape

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Discover the Ultimate Solution: Super Sticky – Resistant Clear Tape!

Are you tired of struggling with tapes that fail to stick or leave messy residue behind? Say hello to a revolutionary tape that will change the way you tackle everyday tasks! Our Double-Sided Tape is here to redefine convenience, making your life easier and more enjoyable.

Super Sticky - Resistant Clear Tape


Professional Double-Sided Tape

Crafted from upgraded PE material and reinforced with extra-strength cloth mesh, our double-sided mounting tape boasts industrial-grade clear glue that sticks like no other!

Super Sticky - Resistant Clear Tape

High Sticky Double Tape Heavy Duty

With a strong grid cloth and unmatched stickiness, our double-sided tape is built to handle heavy-duty tasks and withstand rough and smooth surfaces alike. No matter the weight or texture, our tape delivers unparalleled performance.

Super Sticky - Resistant Clear Tape Easy Tear Tape, Easy to Use

Say goodbye to cumbersome tools! Our double-sided tape is conveniently tearable by hand and easily removable. Clean and dry the surface, then rip or cut the tape to your desired length. Apply it onto the surface, peel off the yellow paper backing, and firmly press the items onto the tape.

Super Sticky - Resistant Clear Tape

Residue-Free, Easy to Clean

No more sticky mess! Our double-sided mesh tape leaves no annoying glue or residue when removed, ensuring a clean and hassle-free experience.

Super Sticky - Resistant Clear Tape

Multipurpose Double-Sided Tape

The possibilities are endless! Use our heavy-duty two-sided tape for home accessories like carpets, area rugs, runners, fridges, photo frames, posters, and unleash your creativity in exciting DIY projects. It adheres effortlessly to various surfaces, including hardwood, tile, glass, plastic, and concrete.

Super Sticky - Resistant Clear Tape


  • Item Type: Glass Fiber Mesh Double-Sided Tape
  • Thickness: 0.35mm
  • Weight: 100g
  • Size: 1.97×196.85 inches

From household repairs to creative projects, our tape will be your reliable partner in all your endeavors!


  • Please allow for a slight color difference due to different cameras or light environments.
  • Please allow for slight size deviation due to manual measurement.


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