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SpySpot – Hidden Camera & GPS Detector

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How it works

Spy Tracker utilizes advanced technology to scan and detect hidden cameras by analyzing electromagnetic signals, lens reflections, and RF transmissions, ensuring thorough protection and peace of mind.


Hidden cameras are often concealed within everyday objects like smoke alarms, clocks, and charger blocks, blending seamlessly into the environment to discreetly capture video and audio without raising suspicion.


Can this detect gps trackers?

– Absolutely, the Spy Tracker can locate any wired or bluetooth GPS trackers. Perfect for scanning your vehicle, hotel room, or Airbnb.

Why is my detector beeping at random objects?

– The area you’re trying to scan can be full of signals from devices interfering. We recommend turning off all of your personal devices such as Airpods, smart watches, phones, Wi-Fi routers, and all electronics. Always make sure you’re in the Full Band mode.

How does the red light work?

– The high-powered LED light reflects of camera lens surfaces. Turn off the lights and use the light to scan your surroundings, you’ll see a bright white reflection if there is a camera surface.- The red filter included can be used to look through, while scanning rooms using the red-light flashing mode.


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