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Solux Unloader Knee Brace | Ultimate Support

Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


  • Reduce Load & Pressure On Knees/Legs
  • Support For Lateral & Medial Knee Pain
  • Customizable To Your Needs
  • Open & Breathable Design
  • Fully Adjustable (One Size Fits All)

Will this fit me?

Our “one size fits all” knee brace is fully adjustable to fit all sizes.

  • Thigh Circumference: 12 – 32 inches (30cm – 82 cm)
  • Calf Circumference: 10 – 20 inches (25cm – 51 cm)

Walk/Stand/Sit Easier & Feel 10x Lighter

Introducing the Solux Brace, expertly designed to ease the pressure on your legs and knees while mitigating pain or discomfort caused by:

Injuries, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, general fatigue, muscle soreness, post-operative recovery, knee replacement and more.

Our unloader knee brace offers a lightweight, affordable option with three strategically positioned leverage points either inside/medial or outside/lateral to the knee joint. This design significantly lessens the load and pressure exerted on your knees.

Recover Faster & Stand On Your Feet Longer

The design of the knee brace supports both functions based on the knee’s condition. By rotating the Q hinge compartment clockwise (for lateral support) or counterclockwise (for medial support), you can effectively relieve pressure and unload the knee.

Why Solux?

  • Suitable over or under your pants
  • Exceptionally light in weight
  • Adjustable range of motion, complete with optional flexion/tension stops
  • Fitted with medical-grade padding for utmost comfort
  • Comes with straps and liners designed to ensure a non-slip fit

Relieve pain with precise movement control.

If you’re experiencing knee pain from conditions like osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, a ligament injury, or are in post-surgery recovery, this Knee Brace is a great choice for reducing stress on your aching knee joint. It can greatly improve your quality of life and potentially postpone the need for surgery. If you’ve already undergone surgery, it can help speed up your recovery.

This brace includes Valgus/Varus adjustment, making it ideal for addressing issues such as knock knees. It boosts your daily mobility by enhancing stability, ensuring proper knee alignment, and aiding effective injury recovery.

Featuring 13 adjustable sliders for knee extension and flexion, it offers a controlled range of motion. This feature is essential for preventing both hyperextension and excessive bending of the knee.


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