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Smart Leash

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Get this Ease Walk Harness & Leash to walk your dog with ease!!

Please MEASURE your pet by referring to our Size Guide which has a measuring tape and refer to our sizing chart for the best fit before ordering.

Innovative design

  • Dog harness and retractable leash All-in-One
  • Built-in safety system in this harness will automatically stop your dog from running to the crowd powerfully and suddenly when you walk your dog.
  • The leash will automatically retract into the module when your loose it gently.
  • Free your hands and let your dog enjoy the freedom.

Safe Device System

The automatic locking system on the leash is based on the mechanical principles of a car seat belt, which has damping devices to absorb tension and reduce amplitude.

Our movement will be locked at the moment the dog bursts, ensuring the safe distance of 30CM.

Adjustable Breathable Harness

Our adjustable dog harness has 4 easily adjustable elastic belts around the body. Made of nylon, composite waterproof fabric, double-layer elastic bonding, and sandwich mesh to prevent damage to the dog’s skin.

Easily adjustable, create a perfect fit for growing dogs. 2 sturdy metal belt loops on the chest and back to prevent tearing of the harness. The leash can also be installed when necessary.

Anti-twist Design

Our leash and movements maintain tension. When walking a dog, the leash is higher than the dog’s back. When you release the leash in your hand, it will retract the movement at a constant speed, unlike other conventional belts.

Our product has undergone tens of thousands of experiments and still maintains flexible scalability, so there is no need to worry about twisting the dog’s legs.

Pulling Test

The leash reaches a length of 4.26″. Laboratory tensile tests have shown the maximum tensile force of M (16-33IBS)/L (33-55IBS)/XL (55-77IBS) can reach 90KG, which is strong enough to pull a truck weighing 1 ton.

Authentic guarantee

Please search for genuine and high-quality products. Please conduct testing at any time. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.


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