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Say goodbye to scrubbing!

  • Efficient & Time Saving
  • Versatility For Kitchen & Beyond
  • Joint Friendly Design
  • Clean Dishes In Seconds!

Say Goodbye to Scrubbing!

The ScrubGun is an efficient, labor saving electric cleaning brush designed specifically for dishes!


Why People Love Our Product

  • Efficiency & Time SavingsOur DishGun powerful motor and adjustable spinning speeds make dishwashing a breeze. It can remove stubborn stains in seconds, reducing time and effort.
  • Versatility For Kitchen & BeyondWhile designed with dishes in mind, the DishGun extends beyond the sink, its a multi-purpose cleaning tool that can tackle various surfaces in the kitchen.
  • Joint Friendly DesignThe ScrubGun is designed to be ergonormally friendly, helping to protect your joints during prolong use.


Versatile Brush Attachments For Every Cleaning Task

The ScrubGun excels in dishwashing, yet its versatility knows no bounds. With its three distinct scrubbing heads, it tackles an array of situations with ease. From Stubborn stains on dishes to grease on gas stoves, its your go-to tool for a spotless home.


Simply Attach the ScrubGun Sponge & You’re Ready-To-Go!

The ultimate solution to effortlessly maintain a spotless kitchen. Our DishGun is designed to tackle the toughest residues and grime. Its compact and user-friendly design allows for easy handling, making routine maintenance a breeze. The interchangeable brush heads cater to various cleaning needs, from removing stubborn grease to ensuring the optimal performance of water jets. Say goodbye to manual scrubbing and hello to a more efficient, time-saving approach.


Customer reviews

Based on 54 reviews
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  1. V***t

    Beautiful color, fast speed, easy to clean, very clean, and easy to clean

  2. M***s

    My husband got me this, and I took at as a joke lol. But it’s actually really good for washing dishes, as well as scrubbing down the shower!

  3. N***n

    This electric cleaning brush has changed the way I clean my home. It’s efficient and effective.

  4. A***o

  5. C***i

    Perfectly matches the description, I ‘ve tried it and it works properly. I liked the product.

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