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Save your own life in the event of a car accident with this tool which has been designed by firefighters to break glass and cut seat belts!

Save a few extra seconds to save your life with this handheld device.

Drivers from all over the world, including racing drivers, keep one of these in their cars. They do not wish to follow in the footsteps of other drivers who have had accidents in the desert or in the forest, where the chances of a crash are higher and where just a few seconds could save your life.

Thanks to its tungsten steel head, SafeHammer can break a car window at the push of a button and with the stainless steel blade you can cut through a seat belt in just a few seconds.

The safety tool that every driver should carry in their vehicle!

While waiting for help to arrive, SafeHammer is the next best thing to a firefighter!

Ideally, you should keep one in the front of the vehicle, for the driver and passenger seat, and one in the back, for the other passengers. There are very exciting offers available if you buy more than one unit!

More than 10,000 people already use SafeHammer! Join them and have more peace of mind behind the wheel.

How to use it?

Seat belt cutter: Lift the cover and slide the belt through the groove until it is completely cut.

Hammer for breaking glass: press the head against the corner of the window and the glass will break.

Escape from any emergency situation.

The best option in the market

Save your life!

Includes a hammer to break glass and a seat belt cutter.

Escape tool

You can cut the seat belt in seconds, and then break the glass to get out of the vehicle. It works perfectly underwater.

Vital seconds

Save a few vital seconds in order to save your life by carrying this portable device in your car allowing you to escape in the event of an accident.

100% Secure

This tool has been recommended by public organizations, police, firefighters and emergency health personnel from different countries.

Main advantages:

Multipurpose tool to escape from a vehicle in the event of an accident. Includes a hammer to break glass and a seat belt cutter.

The strong tungsten steel tip allows side windows and car windscreens to be broken easily in just a few seconds.

Originally designed for emergency personnel.


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