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NeuroRED | Infrared Light Therapy Device For Neuropathy Pain Relief

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Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


  • Helps naturally gets rid of tingling, numbness, burning, sleep problems & more!
  • Targets nerves at their root, leading to long term reversal of symptoms
  • All natural treatment so no need for harmful painkillers with long term consequences such as Gabapentin (Neurontin)
  • Helps one re-gain their life and enjoy time with family without being limited..
  • Treatment time is just 20-30 minutes per day on affected foot & can be done while watching TV or browsing the internet
  • Works on both feet and hands, maximizing blood flow for the whole body.

How does it change my life

When it comes to the treatment of neuropathy, a painful dilemma appears..

Currently there are a number of doctors using special NASA red & infrared light therapy technology to actually get rid of people’s numbness, aches, stabbing pain, and other symptoms..

It has been used all over as one of the most effective and natural treatments to help heal neuropathy pain once and for all..

However, a problem rises..

These doctors currently charge upwards of $5,000 for this treatment that requires coming into their office every other day, and isn’t covered by insurance..

This means that only the rich can afford this treatment because not only is it unaffordable, but most people have work and can’t afford to be missing time every other day for treatment..

Seeing this, a company out of California called BeatNeuropathy decided to do something about it..

They thought it unacceptable that only a certain part of the population could get relief from a disease that truly ruins lives..

They decided to come together to see if they could create a red light therapy device that had the same functionality as the ones doctors use, but for the fraction of the price, and could be used at home, so anyone regardless of their circumstance could get better..

They quickly realized that because they didn’t have the same expenses as doctors, and we’re cutting out the middle man, making the device affordable wouldn’t be the problem. But rather, the difficulty would be in transferring the same red light functionality into a device that could be used anywhere and at anytime..

For months and months they worked on a prototype, until they finally got it right..

How Does it Solve My Pain?

To understand red light therapy, we first need to understand the root cause of neuropathy pain..

Because without doing so, how can we ever expect to figure out a solution?

See, neuropathy is a blood circulation problem that for many is caused by diabetes and blood sugar levels..

Over time, and as one’s diabetes has progressed, it has pumped the blood vessels with sugar causing the nerves in the feet or hands to break..

These blood vessels are essential because they carry oxygen and nutrients to the nerves that keep one’s feet healthy and ripe. So without them, the feet decay and break down..

It’s just like a plant that doesn’t get its nutrients from the sun and water. Over time it starts to wilt away. In the same way, the feet are starting to wilt away..

This is where the red light therapy comes in..

Originally used by NASA astronauts to heal wounds in space because without oxygen it was taking weeks on end to heal even the simplest of cuts, red light therapy penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin cells, sending photons into the mitochondria and stimulating the production of cellular energy (ATP).

This enhanced energy production increases the production of nitric oxide, which in turn causes the blood vessels in the feet to expand..

This blood vessel expansion means more blood flow to the foot which allows the damaged nerves to get the necessary nutrients they need to re-generate and come back to life. The key to getting rid of pain

Simply use the light for 15-20 minutes every day and watch the transformation..


Customer reviews

Based on 54 reviews
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  1. C***s

    Looks ok. Lights work in all modes. Will see how this improves health. Device is thick.

    NeuroRED | Infrared Light Therapy Device For Neuropathy Pain Relief
    NeuroRED | Infrared Light Therapy Device For Neuropathy Pain Relief
  2. A***r

    Yes, it’s small, but that’s often good. Easy to pack to work or on travel. Provides noticeable and quick pain relief

    NeuroRED | Infrared Light Therapy Device For Neuropathy Pain Relief
  3. C***z

    Very powerfull led infrared.. good for removing stiffness on your muscle

    NeuroRED | Infrared Light Therapy Device For Neuropathy Pain Relief
  4. R***i

    It was effective, easy to use and user friendly.

    NeuroRED | Infrared Light Therapy Device For Neuropathy Pain Relief
  5. A***t

    The effects were apparent almost immediately when used vs joint pain but took a couple of weeks

    NeuroRED | Infrared Light Therapy Device For Neuropathy Pain Relief
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