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KIWI Travel Scarf

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“I have had some trips that have been ruined by just neck pain from the trip so therefore I have not dared to sleep at all the last few trips and then of course I get very tired instead. When I saw this pillow, I just had to try it and the last two trips I have slept through like a child and woke up without neck pain. So incredibly happy, thank you!” – Tanya Murphy


  • Unparalleled support for your head, ensuring utmost comfort.
  • Bid farewell to neck pain, strains, or discomfort. Awaken feeling revitalized after an extensive flight and minimize jet lag.
  • Alleviates pressure on your spine and muscles, allowing you to remain relaxed and serene during those lengthy journeys.

  • Embrace snug shoulder support while your head rests in a more natural position. Say goodbye to restless sleep and endless head bobbing.
  • Remarkably lightweight and effortlessly portable, effortlessly fitting into your bag, or wrapping around your bag strap.

  • Elegantly sleek and compact. Fashioned to resemble a stylish scarf – simply wrap it around your neck and customize for the perfect fit.
  • Scientifically proven to surpass the effectiveness of traditional U-shaped pillows.
  • Machine washable, boasting a luxuriously soft, hypoallergenic fabric.

You can even bypass these steps entirely and position your Premium Pillow between your neck and chair for unparalleled support as you delve into a captivating book, indulge in a captivating movie, or drift away into daydreams by the window.

Our design fits any neck shape, jaw, and shoulder. All this combines to give you the most comfortable sleep possible on the move.

Experience the scientific revolution of the Premium Pillow as it places your head and neck in a superior ergonomic position compared to traditional travel pillows. Prepare for a sleep journey that transcends comfort and redefines the way you rest.


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