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HeatBlocker – Umbrella

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HeatBlockerâ„¢ - Umbrella
Say Goodbye to Car Complaints!Shield your vehicle’s electronics, dashboard, leather, and seats from harmful UV rays and heat.Keep the interior cool and damage-free, even on scorching days.

Drive worry-free with HeatBlocker – Umbrella protection.

HeatBlockerâ„¢ - Umbrella
Cooling Thermal ShieldExperience premium thermal insulation and sun protection with HeatBlocker – Umbrella.Its high-quality aluminum lining blocks heat and reflects sunlight, ensuring a cooler interior and preserving your car’s interior and upholstery from damage and aging.

HeatBlockerâ„¢ - Umbrella
Easy Fold & StoreExperience effortless time-saving with HeatBlocker – Umbrella.Convenient and non-destructive installation. After folding, it fits into a carrying case and easily stows in a door pocket or central storage box.

Your ideal accessory for sunshade on-the-go!

HeatBlockerâ„¢ - Umbrella
Eco-Friendly & Car-Trim SafeCrafted with heat-resistant and environmentally friendly materials, HeatBlocker – Umbrella remains undamaged by sunlight.Its unique wrapped umbrella beads design is car-trim safe, ensuring no harm to your vehicle’s interior or paint.

Simple setup and fresh air make it the perfect travel companion.


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