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GalactiCar Projector

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Rolls Royce Roof… on a Budget

Rolls Royce might have the stars, but we’ve got the whole galaxy. Turn any ordinary car roof into a celestial masterpiece. GalactiCar is your ticket to a starry night, every night. Available in red and blue to match your aesthetic, or use BOTH and turn your car into your dream space.

Cruise Under a Blanket of Stars

Transform your nightly drives into a stellar experience. The GalactiCar lights up your car’s roof with a dazzling display of stars. GalactiCaroffers a touch of luxury and wonder, making every trip memorable. Why wait for clear skies when you can have a galaxy?

Perfect for those Late Night Drives

Why settle for mundane when you can have magical? The GalactiCar is here to turn your ordinary drives into extraordinary adventures. With GalactiCar, every journey feels like a cosmic voyage. Plug into any USB port and turn your ride into something magical.


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