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Furri Fur-Remover

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Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


Unleash a fur-free laundry!

Here’s why you’ll love our pet fur remover:

  • Removes Fur From Laundry Our Furri effectively attracts pet fur from your laundry and washes it down the drain or into your lint trap.
  • Non-Toxic & Hypo-Allergenic Our specialized material effectively targets and removes fur, hair, lint, dander from anything you wash and dry.

  • Convenient & Cost Effective Forget the hassle and frustration of manually removing pet fur from your clothing and bedding, plus save money on detergent, water, and time.
  • Easy To Use Simply throw it in your washing machine and/or dryer and let the FURRI do its job. Re-use over and over, up to 100 times.


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