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Divascent – Pheromone Perfume

(52 customer reviews)

Unbeatable Prices, Guaranteed!


  • Smells Strong and long lasting scent
  • Naturally attract your crush
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  • Enjoy the confidence boost & charm


The Aphrodite’s Phero Perfume uses natural & premium quality essential oils infused with pheromones to increase your attractiveness

  • Lasts up to 24 hours | Skin-friendly & safe

Lure him/her in

He/She wants you, he/she just doesn’t know it yet. The Divascent Perfume is the key to getting the attention from the guy/girl you desire.

Why are we so special…

– Attraction – Boosting

Pheromones are scientifically proven ingreddients designed to attract the opposite sex.It’s time to capture the attention of your crush!

Natural Ingredients

Crafted with the finest essential oils and expertly infused with highest-quality natural pheromones

Easy Applicator Design

Enhance your attractiveness on the go with Diva scent easy-to-use applicator, convenietly sized for your pocket.

The Magic Love Potion…

“The Desire Pheromone Perfume makes you smell sexier & more attractive to the opposite sex. It brings out & strengthens your “natural scent”, giving you the attention you deserve”

What Are Pheromones?

Pheromones are chemicals emitted by humans. They let us attract & communicate with other individuals on a deeper level

According to, pheromones help us appear more desirable to members of the same species. When applied, these pheromones can increase our sexual appeal to members of the opposite sex.

What Makes Us Special?

  • Formulated with ACTUAL pheromones
  • Unique scent like no other
  • Enhances your natural scent
  • Helps you feel more confident & attractive
  • Portable & easy to apply for any occasion

Limited Stock Available!

Due to overwhelming demand and going viral on social media, our stock is running dangerously low! Get your hands on this must-have item before it’s too late! We want to ensure you don’t miss out. We apologize for the current availability constraints, but rest assured, we’re working tirelessly to restock as quickly as possible. Stay tuned to our website or follow us on social media for the latest updates on. Don’t wait any longer – buy now before we completely sell out!


Customer reviews

Based on 52 reviews
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  1. I***e

    The aroma is very cool, sweet. The truth of the perfume themselves in the bottle did not seem to be added. But in general everything is super!

    Divascent - Pheromone Perfume
  2. L***a

    Thank you, the smell is awesome, sweet, quickly fades out, well, for such a funny price and there is nothing to complain about

    Divascent - Pheromone Perfume
  3. Z***d

    The shipping was fast. The order was packed properly. I myself personally dont like the scent very much but its ment for men well see how it goes.

    Divascent - Pheromone Perfume
  4. M***r

    Personally for me, the smell is! It’s like I fell in love with this fragrance! I did it!!! I recommend 100% delivery fast, everything is not even crumpled! I will still order! Good!!! 99 stars out of 5

    Divascent - Pheromone Perfume
  5. G***r

    I like the scent.

    Divascent - Pheromone Perfume
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