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DeluxeSkin IPL Laser Hair Removal

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Remove hair at the root. Aqwilux’s clinical grade handset penetrates a few millimeters past the surface, just enough to reach and burn hair from the follicles. The handset removes even the thickest of stubble, like in the underarm and bikini. It’s completely harmless on skin, only reacting to the coarseness of hair and its root. When removing body hair close to the eyes we recommend using the provided eye protection.

Permanent Hair Removal On Any Body Part In Minutes, At Home!

  • Forever stop hair growth on any body part!
  • It even works on those sensitive areas..”down-there”!
  • Takes 3 x 6 minute sessions to see results!
  • Completely pain-free! (Say goodbye to waxing and razor burn)

One time purchase!

Forget about that annoying prickly hair stubble, razor burn, or expensive and painful waxing sessions

Enjoy long-term hair removal

on any body part

The KliniqueIPL Handset comfortably heats your hair follicle at the core, which effectively stunts the follicle’s growth – leading to long-term hair removal.

Completely pain-free

Comfortably & conveniently stop hair growing on any body part at-home with the KliniqueIPL Laser Handset.


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